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About building construction costs

In the calculation of construction costs, expressions such as the unit price per tsubo "¥ ~ / tsubo" are often used, but this is not very reliable. No matter how small the floor area is, the toilet and bathroom will not disappear, so the construction cost cannot be determined by the area alone. It depends on the purpose of the building, the structure, the site conditions, the times, the level of the construction company, and of course the content of the design. The only way to get an actual price is to get a quote, but first let's take a look at the budget planning outline on this page. After that, we will guide you through the budget plan for building a house step by step, so please apply it to yourself and try it. At the end of the page, the prices of the buildings that Jam's worked on are listed only if the owner has given permission, so please use them as a reference.

Know how much you can spend on construction costs!

First of all, borrowing simulation on the homepage etc.

First, let's grasp the overall budget. I think most people use a mortgage, but you can simulate the amount you can borrow from your own funds, income, monthly desired repayment amount, etc. at an institution that provides loans such as a bank homepage. If you are self-employed or already borrowed, it is wise to consult at the counter first.

Overall Budget-Necessary Expenses

= Construction cost

Now that you know the overall budget, let's figure out the necessary expenses other than construction.

Below is a list of commonly required items. Unfortunately, depending on the case, some may or may not be needed, and others may be needed. Of course, there are differences in the amount of each item, so please contact us for details.

The budget obtained by subtracting these costs from the total budget is the budget for construction costs. ..

[Expenses other than construction]

・ Land cost

・ Demolition cost (about 45,000 yen / tsubo for wooden construction. Be careful of cheap ones. Many construction shops arrange for building construction)

・ Surveying cost (about 150,000 yen for a house scale. The design is mainly done in between. It is not necessary if you already have a survey map.)

・ Ground survey cost (depending on the building structure / scale, expected ground, etc. Generally, 50,000 to 70,000 yen for a wooden house

The design will be done in between. )

・ Registration fee I think it is better to have a judicial scrivener introduced at a construction company or a loan institution.

(Registration of loss of existing building ... If there is existing demolition)

(Registration of building display: about 70,000 yen)

(Building preservation registration: about 60,000 yen)

(Registration of building mortgage setting: about 70,000 yen)

・ Confirmation application fee (This is the fee to be paid at the window where the application is submitted. It depends on the floor area, etc., but it is about 30,000 yen for a house.

If notification is required other than confirmation application, it will be recorded individually)

・ Equipment contributions, etc. (Some cities, towns and villages cost money to use water and sewage infrastructure . The design will check)

・ Tax (Stamp duty: Stamp fee to be attached to construction contracts and design contracts. About 10,000 yen)

( Real estate acquisition tax: about 10,000 yen)

( Registration license tax: about 10,000 yen)

・ Mortgage fee (please contact the loan institution)

・ Group credit life insurance (please contact the lending institution if necessary)

・ Fire insurance, etc. (Please contact the loan institution)

・ Various purchase costs (home appliances, curtains, furniture, etc.)

・ Festival expenses (jichinsai, upper wing ceremony. 0 yen ~ 50,000 yen ~ priceless)

・ Moving cost (If you need a temporary housing, you can expect it)

・ In-house construction cost (TV / telephone in-house wiring work. From 30,000 yen)

・ Reserve cost ( It is safe to have a reserve cost so that the construction will not be disrupted due to an unexpected situation . Separately as a reserve cost

It is best to be able to prepare it, but it will overlap with various purchase costs and prepare to be borrowed from relatives

And so on. )      

・ Design fee (see the item of design fee on the HOW TO page)

(Caution) ・ This page omits details so that you can understand the cost of building a house in an easy-to-understand manner.

Contains assertive expressions. Actually, it will be different for each case. Relationship except for design costs

Please contact each institution.

Even if you know the construction cost ...

If you know the construction cost that can be spent as described above, compare it with the price of your favorite building that you saw in magazines. But before that, be careful!

How far is the "construction cost"?

In a word, construction costs vary depending on what is included and what is not included. Note that it is even customary to remove items to make them look cheaper. Let's check the optional construction that is handled separately. Also, is it the price including consumption tax? ... is also an important point, so please check it.

Optional construction that tends to be separate

・ Equipment work: The prices listed in magazines are surprisingly high. It will be different by 2 to 3 million yen

・ Lighting equipment cost: When you attach your favorite lighting to the ceiling outlet afterwards

・ Floor heating, wood stove, solar-related equipment

・ Pile work, ground improvement cost: 1 million yen ~

·Exterior construction

・ The grade of finishing and equipment is a choice type, and the displayed amount is the lowest grade etc.

Most of the jams building prices are included in the construction cost, excluding the necessary costs explained here.

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