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Layered House

  • Location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

  • Structure: Traditional wooden construction method, 2 stories

  • Family structure: couple

  • Site area: 238.88㎡ (72.2 tsubo)

  • Floor area: 106.39㎡ (32.1 tsubo)

  • Structural design: K & S structural design

  • Photo: Isao Saibe

A forest that remains in the city. If you can take in this small nature to the maximum, you can live like a villa as it is. The owner is a couple in their thirties. The theme of this plan is to create a good relationship with this forest, where the husband was born and raised.


The site is a corner of the land of the owner's husband's parents' house. Since it is located on the south side facing the forest, it was necessary to secure sunlight to the main house of the parents' house. Therefore, the height is kept as low as possible in the plan. In terms of design, this emphasizes the horizontal length, creating a ship-like form floating in the forest. The large opening that looks like a cut through the forest raises the level above the height of the undergrowth. You can get the feeling of floating in the woods as you walk up the skip floor. Couples who have many hobbies and love the outdoors can feel the atmosphere of the forest even in the house. I think it became such a house.

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