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​ Here, we will explain the basic knowledge that is useful for building planning while guiding you through the design work. I will add it little by little, so please use it.


Design flow

About design cost

Budget plan




We hope that we will have a society where everyone can freely obtain their own lifestyle. To that end, we are working to make building a house with an architect feel more familiar.

​ First of all, please do not hesitate to speak to us. If you can tell us about the current situation, we will guide you here, so you only need to have some preparations. Please feel free to contact us for general guidance on budgets, schedules, regulations, construction methods, construction companies, etc., as well as complicated matters such as the use of the site and support for existing buildings.

Most of the time during the meeting, we talk about family, hobbies, work, and so on. Let's listen and talk a lot and give shape to our thoughts.


Design flow

I will explain the general flow from design to completion of the building. Also, please refer to the description of the division of design costs.

In addition, we have prepared a page below this chart where you can see the flow to completion more concretely using one case as an example, so please refer to that as well.


  • The schedule for building a house varies from plan to plan depending on conditions, wishes, and the times. We recommend a plan with plenty of time.

  • Meetings and hearings will be held every 2 to 3 weeks at your convenience.


Home building consultation

Based on the story about the financial plan and procedure of the whole house building, or the land selection  We will give you advice that suits you.


Planning application


Initial planning

(Approximately 2 weeks to 1 month)

After hearing the story, I will show you how you live now as a reference. After that, we will summarize the requests, conditions, regulations, etc. and create the initial plan that will be the basis of the next meeting.

50,000 yen

* Appropriate to basic design costs after basic design contract

Basic design contract


basic design

(Approximately 3-4 months)

We will complete the ideal plan by repeating meetings while using models and perspectives. The finish and the outline of the equipment will also be decided here.

Total design cost

20 %

Implementation design contract


final design

(About 2 months)

We will consider the decided plan in more detail and create a blueprint so that the builder can make an estimate.

Total design cost

30 %



Construction company selection

(About 2-3 months)

Request a construction estimate from the construction company based on the blueprint. We will support you so that you can select the right contractor.

Total design cost

20 %


Building confirmation application

(Approximately 2 weeks to 1 month)

We will make applications and notifications to government offices such as building confirmation applications. If there is a design change that affects the construction cost, it will be reflected in the estimate.

To the inspection body

​ Actual application cost

Construction contract


Construction supervision

(About 6 months)

We will supervise the construction so that it will be carried out properly according to the blueprint. It also conveys to the builder the design intent that cannot be conveyed by the blueprint alone.

Total design cost

30 %

Completion / delivery


Various inspections

We perform builder inspection, design inspection, government office inspection, and owner delivery inspection. We will explain how to handle the equipment and hand it over to the building. Also, if you cooperate, we will hold a preview at this time.


We are inspecting the products in the first and second years after completion. We also accept consultations on maintenance, remodeling, planting, furniture purchase, etc.

case 1

From the day you think of building a house to moving

Currently being created

Design cost



In the housing plan, the design fee is usually 11% of the construction cost and 2.4 million yen or more. In addition to this, 2% of the construction cost will be charged as a structural design fee paid to the structural designer. In addition, if there is an application work other than the confirmation application, additional costs may be incurred depending on the content. In addition to new construction, we also accept remodeling and extension / renovation. Please check it as it will be calculated for each property and presented in advance. Please note that transportation expenses will be borne separately.

​ -Example of a two-story wooden house with a construction cost of 25 million yen (excluding tax)-

Design fee =  2500 x 11% = 2.75 million yen

Structural design fee =  2500 x 2%  = 500,000 yen

Total 3.25 million yen

Budget plan


The budget required to build a house is not limited to construction costs and design fees. Check the necessary expenses and understand how much you can spend on building construction.

I made a page useful for budget planning. You can also see the construction cost of the building designed by Jam's.

How much does it cost to build a house?

I have summarized the budget you are interested in.

in preparation. Please wait a little longer





I plan to upload the questions I have received so far. Please wait for a while

​If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form or the following.

tel     For inquiries by phone, 049-229-3606

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