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Tuna -Functional Migratory Housing-

  • Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Structure: Mixed structure (RC + wooden) 3 stories

  • Family structure: couple + cat

  • Site area: 77.95㎡ (23.5 tsubo)

  • Floor area: 118.44㎡ (35.8 tsubo)

The client's request was a rational house, and it was quite extreme: "I don't need a useless partition. The action of opening the door itself is useless."

The 1st floor is the LDK, the 3rd floor is the bedroom, and the 2nd floor is a collection of washrooms, laundry, storage, and bathrooms, arranged without corridors so that people can walk around. Thanks to this, the public space on the 1st floor and the private space on the 3rd floor are arranged without closing the door. The floor on the 2nd floor is raised and the light is dropped from the opening on the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. This also aims to have the effect of seeing the family spinning around the second floor from the upper and lower floors.

Partial cut-outs of what happens in a closed space every day will create family communication. The floating room on the second floor is the only closed study.

  • Structural design: K & S structural design

  • Shooting: Jam's

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