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banhaus (dog lover's house)

  • Location: Chiba Prefecture

  • Structure: Traditional wooden construction method, one-story

  • Family structure: couple + 2 children + dog

  • Site area: 1010.22㎡ (305.5 tsubo)

  • Floor area: 189.18㎡ (57.2 tsubo)

  • Structural design: K & S structural design

  • Photo: Atsushi Nakagawa

This plan sought an ideal home for dog lovers and their families. It is a house where four parents and children and a Labrador retriever "van" can live comfortably. I used to have a dog of the same kind myself, but there was a plan in a magazine to think about an ideal dog lover's house, and the owner looked at the virtual plan I made at that time and asked me this time.

The plan is a one-story house with living rooms centered around the courtyard. The courtyard is a dog run even when you tend to be overwhelmed, such as when you can't take your van for a walk. In addition, the heat of summer in recent years has been harsh for both humans and dogs, and it is no longer possible to enjoy the coolness by opening the window and hanging a wind chime. Air conditioning has become indispensable even if you don't have a pet. This plan has a pool in the courtyard. The pool is the best playground for Labradors, who have roots in water hunting dogs. Even when the sun is strong, you can play with the children and cool down under the big eaves. In addition to this, we have scattered ideas while considering each one, such as a care room that can be easily washed even by large dogs, a garage that considers daily walks, zoning between people and dogs, and a finish that is resistant to scratches and dirt. In order to live comfortably with your dog, it is more important to reduce the burden on the owner than to consider the amenities of the dogs. If the burden of care is reduced and the owner enjoys living with the dog, that is the happiness for the dogs.

List of magazines

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Architectural Knowledge 60th Commemorative Publishing

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[Housing design]
2015 / 11-12 55th Anniversary Issue
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