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Mr. Yamada

  • Location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

  • Structure: Wooden, 2nd floor above ground + loft

  • Family structure: couple + dog

  • Site area: 80.38㎡ (24.3 tsubo)  

  • Floor area: 89.18㎡ (26.9 tsubo)

  • Structural design: Column Associates

  • Photo: Isao Saibe

I'm the best. A studio house for indoor couples who want to sleep, eat, relax and play in one room. The surrounding area is densely populated with houses. I am enjoying the condition of low cost on a small site to the maximum.

​ It is a house where a husband who wants to spend his time at home even on days off from work and a wife who wants to decorate a room that used to work at a general store. Although it is a small site with difficult conditions such as daylighting, views, ventilation, and ensuring privacy, we were asked for a space that would be "comfortable to stay at home for a long time." In addition, it was a requirement that the kitchen such as the garage and studio where the Alfa Romeo of my car was stored could not be removed. Considering the lifestyle of the owner, it seemed more natural to secure a large and comfortable space than to increase the number of rooms. The requested garage is secured on the first floor, and the rest of the room has a bedroom, a storage room, and a water area. The second floor is a large studio space including the loft. Conceptually, the building is divided into an area with a finished wood part and a white wall part, the wooden part is a collection of upper and lower conductors and storage, and the remaining large space is an open common area with white walls. The floor of the wooden part has a mesh shape and doubles as a light well that drops the light of the top light to the entrance on the first floor. In addition, all the walls that go up to the second floor from the entrance hall are stored on the wall, but we did not install a door to realize low cost. This is a reduction plan that suits this owner who is particular about his belongings and wants to display it. If the person changes, the reduction plan also changes. If you get caught up in the general stereotype that "this is what a house is like", the price will not fall below the general price. It is a house created by communicating with the owner over a long period of time.

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