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Good, no slide meeting

The rainy season has finally arrived, but how are you all doing?

This time, we decided to hold a slide session with a slightly different taste from the study sessions that we regularly hold such as architectural tours and cityscape walks.

This slide session is a meeting in which five architects, mainly study group members, introduce their own activities and have discussions while looking at the slides. We will focus on the artist from a different angle than usual, such as the approach to design and the origin of ideas that cannot be conveyed only from drawings and photographs.

Anyone who is even a little interested in manufacturing and architecture can participate. We look forward to welcoming you.



■ Speakers

1, Yuki Kasahara / Kinoie Design Office Atelier Tsubaki

2, Kazuya Yokoseki / Jam's

3, Tsuyoshi Sudo / Tsudou Design Studio / Tsuyoshi Sudo Architects

4, Daisuke Kozuka / Tanita Housing Wear Co., Ltd.

5, Mika Kokubo / Mika Kokubo Architects

6, Naoto Miura / Naoto Miura Architectural Design Studio


■ Date and time 7/8 (Sat)

13: 00-16: 30


■ No entry fee

■ Location

◦Meeting place Kita-ku, Tokyo

■ Those who wish to participate will be given a detailed leaflet describing the venue and program. Please let us know by writing "I would like to participate in the event" in the form below or by email. We will send you a detailed leaflet by return mail. Please be sure to enter your "email address", "name", and "address (up to the municipality is fine)". We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that we will notify you by e-mail when the capacity is reached.




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