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Tom and Jerry

  • Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

  • Structure: Wooden

2nd floor above ground

  • Family structure: couple

  • Site area: 175.69㎡ (53.15 tsubo)

  • Floor area: 133.07㎡ (40.25 tsubo)

  • Structural design: Daisuke Hasegawa Structural plan

  • Photo: Taisuke Inashige

The site is a 40-year-old lightweight steel-framed prefabricated house for sale near Yokohama Station. A renovation for a married couple with independent children. Before the renovation, there are 3 rooms on the 2nd floor of the LDK on the 1st floor of 35 tsubo. We aim to create a space where the relationship between the two can be reconstructed at the distance that suits the day. If you remove the partition on the second floor, a space will appear around the stairs. From the entrance to the stairs, a wife's entrance and a husband's entrance will be set up, and each person will enter their private space and gradually meet in the shared space. Joinery with different densities that pull into the stairs between them adjusts the distance between the two. On the first floor, the distance between two people and the outside can be adjusted by the ease of migration. The entrance area leading to the staircase is separated by a thin fabric, which is softly separated from the living space. The kitchen on the north side is placed on the west side so that it can be easily connected to the living room. The utility, which leads to the bathroom washbasin, has a migratory property from the external deck to the deck in front of the living room. By migrating, we are trying to connect the workplace, whereabouts, and the outside, and create various distances in our lives.



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