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Dog, cat and human house

  • Location: Akiruno City, Tokyo

  • Structure: Wooden 2nd floor above ground

  • Family composition: couple + father + dog + cat x3

  • Site area: 273.49㎡ (82.7 tsubo)

  • Floor area: 104.94㎡ (31.7 tsubo)

  • Structural Design: Yuji Hatano Structural Design Office Yuji Hatano

  • Photo: Taisuke Inashige / Jam's

Until now, I was involved in the design of a symbiotic house for dogs and cats, and gained some experience and their own solutions, but in this plan, it is a house for both dogs and cats to coexist with people. Therefore, it was necessary to reexamine the relationship. Both are popular pets, and each multi-headed pet is not uncommon, and the number of heterogeneous multi-headed pets like this one will increase further in the future. This plan is a proposal for pets with greatly different habits to live comfortably with people, and aims to design a house where pets can enjoy observing their behavior by making use of their habits.

The family structure is

Father, daughter couple, 1 dog, 3 cats (including protected dogs and protected cats)

The couple originally lived in a condominium in Tachikawa, but decided to move to Akiruno, where they can live with their pets. Leisure facilities where you can play with pets and dog runs are not so easy to use, and there is a river nearby and you can feel the mountains up close while taking a walk. On the other hand, the area around the station is convenient for shopping, and the tree-lined avenue is beautiful. The site is located on the edge of a residential area that runs from the vicinity of the station, and you can enjoy the benefits of both the city and nature.

The building has a form in which a two-story box is inserted in the center of a courthouse-type low-rise lower house with coats arranged between the rooms.

As mentioned at the beginning, when starting the design, we wanted to make the house a common area where pet-loving owners can observe and enjoy the characteristic habits of cats that move three-dimensionally in the vertical direction and dogs that move in a plane. I tried to make it happen in places where I spend most of the day, such as in the office and in the office. The image was that wooden boxes were piled up in a large space where dogs could run around, and cats went up and down there. The 1st floor is L, D, K and the 2nd floor is a multi-purpose space that can be used as a guest room when visiting, and the atrium connecting these is thought based on this image, and many boxes are provided on the wall surface and a catwalk. It has become. You can also get closer to the cat's eyes from people by climbing the stairs.


The area of the father's room and the daughter's couple are connected through a common space in the center. The approach from the outside to the entrance is through a coat with a gate, which is a measure against pets jumping out. There is also a dog's foot wash area here, which allows care after daily walks without being exposed to the rain and wind. The backyard can be accessed directly from the court without going through the entrance, and is connected to the kitchen, bathroom, and father's room, so it plays an important role in the lead wire.


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【ルームツアー】人と犬とネコ、ずっと一緒におうちで過ごす幸せ|ペットと暮らす家|注文住宅|House Tour

【ルームツアー】人と犬とネコ、ずっと一緒におうちで過ごす幸せ|ペットと暮らす家|注文住宅|House Tour

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