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House to live with a dog

​A comfortable home for both people and dogs

Pet dogs who are always by my side. When I thought about my life by being close to them, people's lives became more comfortable. Slow life with your dog and shoulders relaxed. Introducing an ideal symbiotic house with your dog along with an example.


"Inu book" and "Cat book" supervised by Jam's are available! This is a book full of knowledge and ideas that makes a house look like this when designed from the beginning with consideration for living for pets and families. Nakajo is in charge of cats, and Yokoseki is in charge of dogs.

"Building a house for dogs & cats"

Each from Xknowledge

Now on sale!

★ Sketch an ideal house


This plan is a sketch of an ideal symbiotic house with your dog, which I thought about by exchanging opinions when I had a conversation with a dog trainer in a magazine. In order to live comfortably with your dog, it is necessary to consider the amenities of the dogs, but I think it is more important to reduce the burden on the owner. If the burden of care is reduced and the owner enjoys living with the dog, that will be the happiness for the dogs. At our dog lover's house, we have taken in ideas that make living with dogs more enjoyable and take care of them naturally from our experience so far, and the owners are actually experiencing it. Please see the photos as they will be posted.

Also, the trainer taught me the know-how to reduce the troubles of living with dogs, so I will introduce it later.

Then, I will explain each point of the plan, so please have a look.

Courtyard dog run

If you set up a dog run at home, you can always let your dog play non-lead. The dog run here means an enclosed and safe garden, so it is also ideal as a playground for small children. We recommend the courtyard dog run. The courtyard overlooking the family is a place where dogs can feel at ease. Of course, the owner can also check the state of his dog. Also, even when you are away, you don't need to leave the air conditioner on because you can get ventilation in the courtyard where security is ensured. When setting up a courtyard, make sure that the dog can control the heat and cold and avoid the sun and wind and rain.

Washing place

When you return from a walk, even on a rainy day, if you can wash your feet comfortably near the entrance, it will be much easier to take care of your dog. It is convenient to have a hook to hang the lead nearby. And let's make sure that hot water comes out even in the cold season. In the ideal house, we have a grooming room where you can dry your body to accommodate large dogs. Large dogs are difficult to lift by hand, so it is difficult to wash their hair. This is because the posture of washing hair that keeps leaning forward puts a lot of strain on the lower back. Therefore, in the grooming room, the owner stood one step down and eliminated the leaning posture. Even if you become an old dog, you can put it in the washing place without height difference smoothly. At first glance, a dog-only washroom may seem exaggerated, but it doesn't have to be. You can wash the vegetables in your hobby garden, wash the children who come home every day, or wash your body with your wetsuit after returning from the sea. It is even more convenient to have a washing machine nearby. How about a miscellaneous washing place that is convenient for going in and out without worrying about mosquitoes being scared by the wind and rain?


Dog house (toilet)

Having a waterproof floor for your dog makes it a lot easier to take care of. It can be used in various ways, such as a house with a cage, a pet toilet, a drinking fountain, a kennel for visitors, and a carry case storage area. The house "BANHAUS" is equipped with water supply and drainage, so cleaning can be done easily.



When you go out by car with your dog. To be honest, putting in and out of a large carry case is difficult. Also, I don't like to carry heavy food and toilet seats through narrow corridors to the back of the house every time. Not only this, it is very convenient to have the backyard near the entrance and exit of the house. If you have dog leads, goods, coats and kappa here, you can prepare for your daily walk naturally just by passing through here.



Summer is a tough season for dogs. Many homes have air conditioners just for their pets. But if you have a pool, you can spend a positive time even in the hot summer. Of course, it's not just dogs. Midsummer is hot everywhere you go. Let's play well in the pool at home during the summer vacation. Great for garden parties. The pool doesn't have to be big. If you make an elongated plan considering the amount of water used, you can throw the ball and "take it!". Simple waterproofing does not cost much. Anyway, I recommend it.


During flooring experiment

Considering the performance, it is a resin floor, but it lacks warmth .... After all natural materials are comfortable. Therefore, it is an experimental record that I tried variously to see if it can be used for pets with solid flooring. Press the button for the blog article you want to see.

~~~ Dog and floor ~~~

・ Water drop test 1

・ Water drop test 2

・ Sliding demonstration

~~~ Flooring story ~~~

・ How to choose a tree

・ Flooring that can be used for floor heating

・ Wax and painting 


Dog run with pool

As a dog run with a pool where you can put your dog in, it's a spot that everyone in the know knows. The location is Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, where the jams are located. There is a cafe and a lot of goods. Master is an interesting person. Why don't you go play once!

Our pet dog Snow was welcomed by this system. This is a difficult problem that makes me think about it.

Currently being created. I will add it little by little.

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