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​Mr. Small

  • Location: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture

  • Structure: Wooden, 3 floors above ground

  • Family composition: couple + cat

  • Site area: ㎡ (tsubo)

  • Floor area: ㎡ (tsubo)

It is a small house in Chiba prefecture.

It is an early work of Jam's, and when the site escapes from the 12 tsubo road diagonal line, the floor area is about 7 tsubo. By eliminating the stairs in the center, making the road side public and the back private, and by sleeping together as a public space and a corridor, we have realized a four-story space of 14 tatami mats. The private guest room and bedroom are separated by a sliding door.

  • Structural design: Column Associates

  • Photo: Isao Saibe

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